Friday, August 12, 2011


Today was all about 2's.  My 2 daughters had their 2nd day of school and I did W2D2 of my program. It was a gorgeous morning, the sky was brightening as I got to the track and I noticed a hot air balloon rising over the park. I wished I had my camera as I started my warm up.

I felt pretty good, relatively speaking. I got through each 90 second segment without struggling the last few seconds. I tried to concentrate on keeping my stride short, my breathing steady and relaxing my body. Back when I was playing sports (waaayyyy back), everything I did was focused on quickness, so my instinct is still to try to tighten up and explode through each stride rather than relax and move my body. The breathing was hard, but I didn't feel terrible. I was going so well that I was surprised when the podcast announced my last run.  Thought I had 2 left at the time. Besides the general struggling, the only pain I had was transitioning from the run to the walk. Each time my calves would feel like they were tightening up for the first 20 yards or so of walking. After the run I took some time to stretch my legs, focusing on my calves.

I did notice that I stopped about 100 yards shorter on the track today than I did on Wednesday, but I have no idea if that's because I ran less or more because I haven't been counting my laps.  Not that I really care at this point.  I'm focusing on the time more than the distance.  I'll worry about distance later.

Yesterday I registered for the race, so now there's money on the line if I don't make it! Tomorrow I'm going to go to the local running store and get a new pair of shoes. I want to be very careful about doing everything the right way and not injuring myself. Its been a long time since I put my body through this type of stress.

So to review the last 7 days ... Saturday I did 45 minutes on the elliptical, Sunday I did weights and 30 minutes on the elliptical, Monday I did the same though I tried to run a bit on the treadmill too.  Tuesday I took off. Wednesday I did W2D1, Thursday I did weights and Friday I did W2D2.  Overall it was a good week, what I would deem my first full week of training.  Tomorrow I'm going to try to do cardio again, either bike or elliptical, then Sunday run W2D3 and take Monday off.

Thanks to everyone who is reading and who have sent me good wishes.  I promise to write some more interesting posts in the next couple of weeks so this doesn't just become me droning on about my exercise.

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