Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Goals Saved Me

Yesterday was the perfect example of why I exercise better with a concrete goal to achieve. Thursday was a difficult day for me and I was still excited to run on Friday. I got up early and headed to the track in the dark. This was the second day of the 90sec/3min intervals. During the first 3 minute run, I started to feel a cramp on the outside of my right calf. I ran through it, but when I slowed to walk it got really bad. If I didn't have this goal to work towards, I would have stopped right there. But I didn't. I pushed myself through the two minute walk and then it started to feel better during the 90 sec run. The last 3 minute run actually felt pretty good, though I still struggled to keep up my pace near the end. I really want to get myself to run this 5K and I will!

I felt more spent during the day than I had all week. I started to feel a little soreness in my knee throughout the day. So I decided that Saturday would be a day off. I had worked out 4 days straight so I'd rather recover for a day and do my final run of week 3 well on Sunday.

I've been a bit lax lately with my eating.  Nothing totally out of whack, but I'm going to start being more careful with my choices. I was convinced to go to 5 guys by a couple of saboteurs yesterday. At least I only ate a small burger, no bacon.  I didn't order any fries, but when these evil souls poured fries on my bag, I caved and ate some. These are my struggles!  With friends like these, who needs McDonalds.

So today when the girls wanted pancakes, we took them to IHOP but I had fake eggs with turkey bacon, 400 calories.  And last night when I was playing poker with the neighborhood guys, I didn't drink at all.  You'd think it would have helped being the sober one at a table of drunks, but my cards sucked and I got wiped out.  

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