Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day of School

Well, I'm now officially the father of two kindergartners. The first day of school was a success. I was really proud of the way both girls got up and got ready for school. They were so excited. I took a ton of pictures with the new camera of them walking to the bus stop, them standing at the bus stop, them getting on the bus, them sitting on the bus and even took some of the bus as it came around the block to leave the neighborhood. There were no tears at all.  1 day down, 13 years to go.

After getting the girls on the bus, I went to the gym and did some weight training. I want to make sure that I don't burn myself out by doing too much, but I know that strength training is important. I felt pretty good, definitely getting stronger than I was 2 weeks ago. Today I felt soreness, especially in my legs, but no joint or back pain.  Tomorrow I'll do another day of running. I'm still in that "excited to see how I can perform" stage.  I know there is going to be suffering, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

I had a great chat with my neighbor Romeo last night. He's a really positive guy and very good at crystallizing the thoughts and motivations that are going to be important for me going forward. I tend to minimize my accomplishments, especially in light of the challenges I'm still facing.  Romeo takes the time to remind me of what I've done.  I've lost 40 pounds, which is a feat in and of itself even if I have more to do.  Its ok to be proud of an accomplishment without resting on your laurels. Long road to go still, long road to go.

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