Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chasing Storms

I'm out of town for business this week.  I got the last run of W3 of the program in on Sunday morning. I woke up a bit late and got to the track around 8am, so this was my first run in the sunshine. I didn't realize that the track ran straight into the sun on one side. This run was a bit of a struggle but I got through it. My right knee has been pretty sore since then. The rest of Sunday was a fun day with the kids and a trip to Wal-Mart where I bought some cheap "tech" gear. I guess "tech" is a fancy name for polyester, but its much more comfortable to run in than cotton. Cotton absorbs water so as you sweat it gets heavier and hangs on your body. So I bought socks, undershorts and a t-shirt. Today I ran with them on and I do feel a difference.  I'm in South Florida and its damn hot, even at 6:30.  I sweat a lot, but the shirt didn't hang, was very comfortable.

So I took Monday and Tuesday off from exercise, got a lot of work done and was able to catch up with old friends for dinner each night. Lots of fun. I have to admit it was tough to get up and run this morning, but once I got started I felt pretty good.  Today the intervals went up to 3 minutes and 5 minutes.  I was struggling at the end of the last 5 minute run, but I got through them all.  No pain during the run, but the knee is sore again.  Just sat here in the hotel room for 30 minutes with ice on my knee, now I'm into the shower and off to the office.

Seems like the hurricane is going to miss Florida, so I'll be able to get out of here ok tomorrow night. I was on the phone with a couple of people back at the office in Georgia yesterday when the earthquake hit.  They all noticed the building moving and were a bit freaked out, but when I called my wife, she and the kids hadn't felt anything. Pretty crazy to have a quake that big on the east coast.  The movement was actually really shallow, so that's why it was felt so far away. The paranoid conspiracy theory part of my mind wonders if there was some type of experiment gone awry at some secret government laboratory, but I left my tin foil hat at home, so that thought will be quickly erased by the mind control satellites. 

If all things go well, I'll be home Thursday night and will run again Friday and Sunday. Saturday will be our first soccer practice.  Oh, and my dad and step-mom are coming to visit this weekend too.  Keeping busy!

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