Monday, September 19, 2011

It Was a Good Day

Yesterday we picked my wife up early at the airport. The girls were so happy that their Mommy was back and I was ecstatic to have my wife back. We had a nice relaxing afternoon and just enjoyed family time. Today I was scheduled to have a colonoscopy (long story from a colitis attack earlier this summer) but with everything going on I decided to reschedule and take the day to just spend some alone time with my wife. We had a great morning together after my run. The girls and I then had Dad and Kid Pizza night at school. There is a father volunteer program called WatchDogs and this was the intro night. Its really cool to see how many other Dads there are at this school who care and get involved. Its so important for the kids to see that their education is valued by their parents.

Good news on the family front, my SIL was sent home from the hospital today. My BIL (on the other side, my sister's hubby) did a 25 mile bike ride this weekend and is doing a 75 mile charity ride next week.

The most exciting part of the day ... my wife got her first paycheck in 6 years!  She embarked on a new career several months ago. The job is all commission and today she earned her first commission. She was so proud and I'm proud for her. We're lucky that because of where we live we are able to support ourselves on my salary so its great for her to get this money with no pressure and then we can do something fun with it.

Now, I think all of this good stuff for the day started with my run. Today was the third day of week 6 of the program. It called for a 25 minute run. During the 25 minutes I ran two loops of the .93 mile trail in the park and I felt pretty good, so I tacked on another .35 miles around the shorter loop to bring me over 2 miles. It felt awesome, I came home and stretched and my legs felt pretty good all day. Some soreness but nothing crazy.We'll see how they feel tomorrow. I need to compress my schedule a bit this week because I have to travel Thursday night to Saturday morning. I'm going to try to run again tomorrow night and then Thursday morning and Sunday morning.

I have less than two weeks until the 5K and I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll be able to run most if not all of it. I'm going to start looking into more races for the fall too.

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