Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day at the Zoo

Day off from exercise today after a great dinner with friends last night. The kids played and had a great time while the parents made dinner, drank wine and laughed a lot. Lots of fun but I woke up a bit groggy this morning. Took the family to our favorite breakfast spot and thought about what we wanted to do today.  Movies were a possibility, but then the thought struck me ... the Zoo. The weather is cooler than usual and it was overcast so it was pretty comfortable.  It did rain a little bit while we were there, but never very hard and it felt nice. This was our first time visiting Zoo Atlanta, but we bought a membership so we'll be back. The year long membership is only a few dollars more than admission for the day, so its a no brainer.

We only made it through about 2/3's of the zoo, but we had an awesome time watching the gorillas. We caught them at training and feeding time, so they were very active and right by the viewing area. The girls were right up against the glass and a couple of times some wrestling adolescents charged right at them. It was really funny to see them jump. I got some great pictures too. 

At one point we rolled up to the reptile house to find a couple of big ole tortoises in the pen outside doing the deed. It was really funny to hear all the parents trying to explain what was going on. We heard one lady tell her kids that he was "looking for the bathroom."  I'm not sure if he found the bathroom, but he did find a lady friend.  At least I hope she was a lady... not that there's anything wrong with that.  He was even making some pretty graphic noises.

So we did a lot of walking and the legs felt great.  Tomorrow I'll hit the elliptical again, and hopefully the knee will feel good enough to run later this week.


  1. Nice pics! Did you end up getting a Sony like Bap's?

  2. No, we ended up getting the Canon t2i. I'm really enjoying using it. Its a little much to lug around, but not the heaviest thing I've ever carried.