Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life Gets Busy!

So my running build up hasn't really started yet.  The last couple of weeks other things have gotten in the way, but I've been maintaining my 9 miles a week. This morning I ran race #3, another 5K benefiting the local Special Olympics. This one was fun even though I ran for the first time all alone. It was cold early when I got there, but I warmed up pretty good and was dressed well. Shortly after the start I began to have trouble with my shorts falling again. I had to stop twice to tighten the drawstring and finally got it right the second time. As I passed the first mile marker I heard a guy on the side counting just past 11:30, so I knew I was moving pretty good. The second mile had a pretty long hill on it, and I walked about the last 100 yards. The good thing was the top of the hill was the turnaround and I flew back down the hill. There was a lot of crowd support on this run as we went past the start finish area twice, so that was really cool. The local high school cheerleaders were out there keeping the energy high. After the first mile I really didn't get passed by anyone other than when I was walking, and even then I passed them back when I picked up the run. So I felt pretty good. I finished at 35:45, which is exactly an 11:30 pace, my fastest yet. The only people that passed me were right on the finishing straight, a dad and his 12 year old daughter who I'd passed earlier on the hill came sprinting by.  I cheered them on as they passed. I felt pretty good after and really enjoyed this run.

I finished right behind a couple who were alternating pushing a stroller through the race. I joked with them after that I was going to protest because they were able to pass off their extra weight but I was stuck with mine. Even though I didn't beat the stroller guy, I did beat 2 out of the 3 dogs that were out on the course, so that's something.

Now my next race will be on our cruise in 3 weeks. Looking forward to that one. Speaking of cruises, through some lucky timing and positioning by me, I'm headed out on a cruise for a couple of days this week. Its a working trip, so I don't know if there will be too many margarita's by the pool, but it will be cool to spend a few days aboard a cruise ship, as it'll be my first time. The family are all a bit miffed that I'll be cruising first before them, but I've assured them that I plan on having no fun at all. Oddly enough, though maybe so considering the nature of my blog, the part I'm most looking forward to is running on the track aboard ship. I'll be aboard the Freedom of the Seas and from the pictures, it looks like the track will have some excellent views.

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