Sunday, February 10, 2013

Things I Love About Running

Last spring I became aware of an event on Twitter called #runchat. Its an hour long moderated Twitter chat where a great community of people answer questions posed by the moderators, share thoughts, encouragement and laughs. Since most of my Twitter followers are from #runchat, I'll assume that many of you already know that. 

The group of people that I've met through runchat have been some of the most supportive and knowledgable I've met. From back of packers like me to folks who run ultras and even running luminaries like Bart Yasso. To me, runchat has become a place to recharge and share my love of running with people who aren't going to roll their eyes and say "oh there he goes on about running again."

This week in honor of Valentine's Day, the runchat blog is hosting a contest and I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring by listing out the things I love about running. 

So here goes, a list of what I love about running

  • I love that running is hard and that I continue to do it!
  • I love that there is no coasting when running. You can never just stop working at let gravity or momentum take over. You must work to move.
  • I love the quiet time, the time to process my thoughts, the time to appreciate the changing leaves, the mist rising over a field on a cold morning and to not think at all.
  • I love the feeling of accomplishment I get after each and every run. 
  • I love how my legs feel strong again, how hard my calves and thighs have become again.
  • I love the self realization that comes during those tough runs, when you have to dig deeper than you thought you could, or even when you fail.
  • I love the community of runners, the support and encouragement that even a slow guy like me gets from everyone.
  • I love being addicted to something that is not destructive.  

Obvious to anyone who has read my blog, running has played a huge role in my recent transition and as I approach the milestone ahead of me next week, I have no intention of changing that role.


  1. Re: "I love the feeling of accomplishment I get after each and every run."

    I think this is the part I love about running the most. No matter what, there's always that feeling of accomplishment. Whether it's because I ran a mile further than I did on my previous run or because I ran a minute faster. Or because I conquered a hill that always beats me up--there's always that feeling of accomplishment because you know you went out there and gave it your all.

  2. Great post, and thanks for taking part! (I'm David, @RunningBecause) from #runchat